Thursday, January 12, 2012

Will It Be A Snow Day???

To the dismay of some of my co-workers I have been doing my snow dance all day. We are expecting some snow tonight and although it is supposed to be a light snow, it will be enough to close our school. Woo Hoo! I love me a snow day! I know we may have to make it up, but snow is so beautiful! If you don't know what a snow dance is, it is like a rain dance, but it is for snow. LOL  Besides if I get a snow day I can blog and make stuff for TpT. Haha  Speaking of snow, we must be in for a big weather change because my kiddos were a little CRAZY today! I have to tell you what happened yesterday, I forgot to post it on my blog. Some of our school maintenance men came in to hang my clock on the wall and it was during reading time. Well, I must have been loopy to think we could continue while they were in there. So we just stopped and watched as they hung the clock. Sometimes you just have to stop and take advantage of the moment. Well I am off to wait for the snow! It will be here, it will be here, I am willing it to snow.

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