Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lost My Marbles!

Well, I can finally say it! I have lost my marbles, NO REALLY! I had a jar in my classroom for my students to fill with marbles for compliments and good behavior and now I can't find it! So I have LOST MY MARBLES!!
Surely I have just misplaced it, who in his right mind would want an old coffee jar full of marbles??!! My kiddos were trying to help me find it by looking under books. I said "Seriously??" I don't think the marble jar will fit under a book.  Oh well, I am sure it will turn up, but that sure was a lot of marbles we had already collected. 

We have had some real stinky weather in North Georgia for about a week and a half. Rain, rain, rain, is all we get. My kiddos have not been able to go outside in forever and boy do they need it! Last Friday one of my fellow teachers came up with a GREAT idea! We had Fun Friday and had reading, math, language activities and recess out in the hallway. The kids were so good we plan to do it again. It was a great break from being in the classroom all day long. The teachers monitored and we took turns giving a thirty minute break to each other. It was AWESOME!!  I must dash, I think my chicken is burning!!
Oh, I plan on posting some more things on TpT, Check it out!



  1. Love your new look to your blog. Hope you find your marbles soon. A teacher with no marbles is in bad shape. And, oh yes...sounds like you have an AWESOME friend with great ideas! lol

  2. Wow! Love it! I'm going to try to talk my team into hallway recess, at least. We have recess at the very end of the day as does the third grade (the only other team on our hall) so it sounds like a marvelous plan! I'm a new follower.


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  3. I like the look of your blog! I found you by your comment on another blog and came to yours. I am now following you!
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