Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Awesome First Day Back From Holidays

My students were so quiet today! It almost seemed like the first day of school! I don't know if they were still asleep from getting up so early or if they had too much festive fun over the holidays! We had an awesome day and got lots done in class. Thanks to my awesome friend Cynthia I have posted my first product to TPT! I am so glad she is computer savvy because I am definitely not, but she is teaching me lots. She has a fantastic blog( and also has several things for sale on TPT!  Go check it out!
I have not learned how to link TPT items to my blog yet, but I will soon! If you would like to get my game FREE, go to Teacherspayteachers and download it free. Just search for Pig Rhyming!

On another note, in case you would like to know why my blog is called 2nd Grade Pig Pen, it is because I am known as the Pig Lady at my school. I have an abundant collection of pigs in my classroom and it continues to grow each year. Most of my past students, and some students that I don't even know refer to me as the teacher that loves pigs!  It is so funny!  Everyone have a great evening and I will blog at you later!

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  1. Hi Teresa!
    Thanks for joining my blog! I laughed when I saw the name of your blog. I don't have the nickname yet, but I adore pigs too! I have tried to keep it under wraps at school because I was afraid of how many pig items I would receive as gifts if the kids knew! Anyway, cute site...cute stuff for sell on TPT! I can't wait to look through everything!