Sunday, January 8, 2012

New TPT Unit

I am so excited! I finally completed the mini unit that goes with the book Miss Spider's Tea Party! It contains lots of literature, writing, and math activities that tie in with the book. If you are an educator and you haven't tried TeacherspayTeachers, you need to check it out. They have lesson plans, games, clip art, and units that have been made by teachers. You can even find FREE items!

Not much happening on the home front. Just a relaxing Sunday, except the Falcons lost. But on a happier note Tebow won!! Yea Denver!  I promised myself that I would go to bed early tonight, but as you can see it is not happening. I have a full week of school this week and if it is anything like the three days of last week, I am in for a LOONNGG week!

If you get a chance check out my mini unit on TPT!   Only $2.00!!

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