Thursday, April 4, 2013

Take It and Make It Thursday and 2 Freebies!!

 I can't believe it is already Thursday!!

My school district is on Spring Break this week, so of course the week is flying by!!

You know what Thursday means!!

It is Take It and Make It Thursday!

I am linking up with my good friend Cynthia over at 2nd Grade Pad for her Take It and Make It Thursday!

I have something to share with you today that is not really a craft, but it is an activity for your students to do before and after they take the BIG TEST!

It is a drawing and writing activity!

First talk with your students about how they might feel before taking the test. They might feel nervous, scared, anxious, worried, afraid, etc. Just remind them to do their best on the test. Then have students complete the Before the Test writing and drawing activity.

After the test, they will complete the After The Test Writing and Drawing activity. First, talk with them about how they feel now that the test is over. Did they do their best?

This is a fun activity! I always enjoy looking at the drawings to show how they feel before and after!

Just click on the picture below and you will get this freebie!

 I hope you and your students enjoy these writing activities as much as my students do!!

Don't forget to go to 2nd Grade Pad and share your ideas!!



  1. Teresa, this is great and very timely (we are right in the middle of testing). Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. Such a great idea, Teresa! We tested this week and will test again in 2 weeks so I plan on using this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Teresa, this is such a great idea. We are testing next week for three days. Luckily, our first graders only do the math and reading section. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How cool is this! I never thought to get my students writing about their feelings about test-taking. Love, love, love!
    Thanks fo sharing,