Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Classroom Pictures and a Freebie!!

 Happy Tuesday!!

Hope the week has started off great for you!

I know school is starting to wind down for some of us and as teachers we are already thinking about school for next year. I know, it is crazy dedicated of us right!
So thinking of next year, I wanted to share some more pictures of my first grade classroom where I taught before I moved to 2nd grade.

Here is a picture of some of the student desks and my desk. On the shelf with the blue material I had a white board and marker baskets that were purchased from Really Good Stuff. On the whiteboard I had a crayon pocket chart which is where I posted our reading and math stations for the week. Notice my pig cookie jar on my desk, this was a gift from a student years ago and I keep goodies in it. I also had student folders with all the school year info and any forms for parents to fill out on the student desks, so when they came in for Meet the Teacher Night, parents would have all they needed on hand.

Here is another angle of the front of my room. I have a basket for daily folders that students take home daily and a pencil and scissor can. This is also used later as a big book station.

This is a picture of my calendar board, this is before I learned how to make all my pig calendar items for the board. The big pink moon chair could be used by students that were reading a book together.
 I will be sharing more pics later!

Now for a freebie! This Friday I will celebrate my birthday!!
So in honor of my birthday, I made some birthday ribbons for students to wear on their special day, while they are at school. Just copy the ribbons on to card stock so they will be nice and sturdy.  You will need to hot glue a pin and fastener to the back and PRESTO! you have a birthday button! Take the ribbon off of the student at the end of the day and save for the next birthday celebration. I always like to recognize students for their special day and I thought this would be cute.

 Just click on the picture above to get your freebie!

Speaking of birthdays!! Come back on Friday for something special that is happening for my birthday!! It's a SURPRISE!!
Hope you and your students enjoy these ribbons!

Oh! I almost forgot! My good friend Lesley over at Practice Makes (almost) Perfect used my Fun With Tic-Tac-Toe games in her classroom!! Click on the picture below and check out her blog! You might decide you need the games for some end of the year fun!


  1. I love seeing pictures of other teacher's rooms. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Pirate Girl's Education Invasion

  2. I love looking at teacher's classrooms. I am an Elementary Education major in college and I am getting ready to graduate soon. Although I am nervous, I am excited about the experience. Do you have any advice for me or anything I should or should not do when creating my classroom?
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Paige,
      Whenever I set up my classroom, I always make sure that traffic throughout the room will run smoothly. I don't like to have things in the way of where we are going to be walking, or where we might have a group lesson on the floor, etc. Room traffic is very important to look at, and it will save you a lot of headache later if you set up right the first time. Everything needs to be accessible and easily gotten to for the teacher and the students. I found this out the hard way when I first started teaching. Also, I have found that making the room colorful and bright not only makes in welcoming to students, but also makes it a place you like to come to everyday. Good luck as you finish your courses!! Thanks for checking out my blog!


  3. Cute classroom themed decor! I am a new blogger and would love for you to follow me. I teach 2nd grade and have a link from my blog to my pinterest which is organized by SOL topic. I would love to share ideas with you!