Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Great Finds!!

Well, yesterday was payday for me, so of course I went to the Walmart. I had to visit the .88 aisle again. I even found a goodie that had been marked down!! Take a look!!

I love to use the giant paper clips in my plan book! I found some colored staples, some cute clips that say today, do, file and ASAP(sorry for the glare, I hope these clips can help me be organized!). I bought a stamp pad and the trays were on sale for $1.00 for 2(thought I could use them in a station, going to put some cute picture on them and modpodge when I decide what game I will use). The hand is an air freshener, because let's be honest, 2nd graders can sometimes be STINKY!!  Then I found this tote basket on sale!!
I bought this for $3.00!! I love it! Don't know what I am going to use it for, maybe carry my books back and forth from school to home(but the only drawback to that is, it will stay in the car because I never bring my stuff in the house when I bring it home!).  I could use it for storing books, do you have any ideas?  Let me know.
    I just finished another back to school theme and posted it to my TpT store. It is called Welcome to a "Moo"-velous Class! Check it out! Click on the picture above and go right to the page! I have added several new items, so check those out while you are there. There is also a freebie! A MOO notebook cover!

Click on the picture and download it for free!!

I hope to be Motivated, Optimistc, and Organized in my classroom this year! But alas, I am the"Pig Lady"! Does anyone have an inspirational idea for PIG that I could use on a notebook cover for my classroom?  Give me yor ideas!!


  1. You got some great finds - great buys. And I love the MOO idea - I want to be motivated, optimistic and organized, too! Hope you get lots done before school starts. Sara

  2. I want that that! Looks like it would be great to bring on a Field Trip or to hold recess supplies/toys. SMILES (please check out my Blog if you have not done so already)

  3. Hmmm...PIG book...



    1. Thanks for the suggestions Jen! I like the seon one: Positive Involved Growth!! Think I will us it if you don't mind, I like it!


      2nd Grade Pig Pen

  4. I love the bargain bins! I'm teaching 2nd grade for the first time this year too! I'm your newest follower :-)


  5. Wow! You sure found some great deals...I'm heading out to do some back to school shopping now. Guess I'll have to stop by Walmart. I love those giant paper clips too! Thanks for sharing!


  6. LOL I never bring my teacher bag in from the car, either! Good intentions...! Welcome to 2nd grade--you will LOVE IT. :)

    Teach On.

  7. Super cute binder/notebook cover! :) I love the giant paper clips too. I have a whole bunch. I find the kids are able to use them a lot easier than the small ones at centers too. Your blog is really cute!
    Literacy Spark

  8. I just realized I didn't leave a comment last week, so I'm doing it now! I love your MOO idea and am going to printer your cover and start using it today.

    BTW, I never knew there was an 88¢ spot at Walmart! I've been to the dollar spot at both Michael's and Target, so I'll definitely need to check this out.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Bookish Ways in Math and Science