Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finally---A Blog Button

WooHoo! Look what I did!! I finally figured out how to put my blog button on here. I even have a code so you can now grab my button and add it to your blog! It has only taken me half a day to do this, so you better believe I am gonna toot my own horn!!  I am so excited that I finally figured it out! I know most of you are probably thinking Big WHOOP, but it is for me. I am technology challenged!
Well, I have clothes to wash that have been waiting on me since I have been working on this ding-dong-dittly button.   Gotta go!  Hope to put something really crafty on here in a few days--stay tuned!



  1. Well, this chick doesn't know how to make a button...and I'm willing to bet that others don't either. So if you'd like to post directions how to do it, you'd be keeping it in your head as well as making us happy too. I'd love to know how, since I don't have one.

  2. Figuring out the blog button is a HUGE deal! It took me hours to create me. The hardest part was ensuring that it was just the right size so that people could add it to their blog rolls. To big and it looks all funky. Too small and you can't see it. It has to be JUST right! CONGRATS!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  3. I would LOVE to know how to do this and I'm sure others would, too.
    Stories by Storie

  4. Cute Button! Congrats on your success!


  5. Hi Teresa! Your blog is so cute. I love pigs!! I'm following you now, and I can't wait to see your other technological accomplishments! :)

  6. Welcome to the blogging world! I don't know how to create a button either. When I had my blog made one was created for me. Love your Walmart find below. I'm going to have to go my local Walmart and see if they have any.

    Cute blog. I am going to be following this site.
    If you get the chance I stop by my blog.

    Ms. Fiorini’s Stadium

  7. Just found your site! Just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up.

    Just diving In

  8. Teresa, I love how you write. I feel I am sitting there with you. I am not at the button stage yet. I am still trying to figure out how to put the link to Pinterest on....it should be so much easier. ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog - we are now blogging buddies - yeah,


  9. Btw - welcome to the world of Grade 2! That is where I am hanging out these days as well.

  10. Love the pig theme on your blog! I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award so you can stop by my blog to receive it!

    Susie's Seconds