Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crafty--Not so sure!

Well, I said I was hoping to put something crafty on here and I have done this craft several times and still need to tweak it a bit, but here it is!! I love history and so to go with my Famous Faces of Georgia unit I created, I made these crafts to go with it. I made James Oglethorpe and Mary Musgrove, two of the famous faces in Georgia history. I am no artist by no means, but I gave it a shot. Once I get the patterns perfected a little I may put them on TpT and TN. What do you think? Go ahead--let me have it--I can take criticism!

James Oglethorpe

Maybe I should have not used a clear bead for the button, you can see the glue. Oh well, craft and learn!

Mary Musgrove
I know!! I told you I was not an artist!! Still need to tweak a few things! Or maybe a lot of things!!

On another thought, I have something new in TpT and TN! Check it out!
If you want to check it out just click on the picture!

Just click on the picture!

Well, time to get off of here and tweak James and Mary!!



  1. Love, love, LOVE them. Very cute! Go see my new blog design!!! I'm super excited!!!!

    2nd Grade Pad

  2. I am awarding your blog the One Lovely Blog award :) I am linking to your blog using your super cute new blog button!

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  3. I am already a follower, but I too am awarding you the One Lovely Blog award :-) Come on over to my blog to grab your award!


  4. I love your craftivities! I think they turned out great! Love your blog btw and in return I'm a new follower! :)

    Cheers To School

  5. Teresa,

    Thanks for coming by and checking out my blog! I am now following you! I love this blog stuff!