Saturday, February 25, 2012

New TpT unit--Word Sorts

Wow! I have been enjoying my winter break! But alas, it is almost over. I will be renewed and refreshed when I go back to school on Monday. I have been working all week on this new TpT unit. You have to check it out!! It is lots of different word sorts. There is one for Dolch Words, several blends, r-controlled vowels, digraphs, long and short vowels, and vowel combinations. I hope you like it as much as I have enjoyed making it!! I always have some type of word sort at my Word Work Literacy Station. My kiddos love it! Here is a pic!!

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Have a good night.


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  1. I just signed up to be a follower. I love your pig motif! It's amazing how many stories are written about pigs. I'm a first grade teacher, but I follow second grade blogs, too. My heart's in first grade, but I know several teacher who have switched to second grade and are thoroughly enjoying it. Teaching a new grade for the first time is always an adventure. Looking forward to hearing your stories.