Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finally-----Catching Up!

Well, this is Tuesday and I am finally catching up with everything from where I was absent on Thursday and Friday of last week.  We have been working on dictionary skills in Language since last week, and it is really hard for some students. But I must say that my class loves to look for words in the dictionary!! They love to do a word search and making new words from letters that I give them. They are really very good at it! Well, gotta get off here and cut some valentines to use for decorating our valentine holders( I am sure there is probably a better word for this, but can't think of one right now). Working on some Spring games for centers!! Keep on the look out! Also working on some Literacy Lesson Plans with lots of activities! All of these will be for sale on TpT.
I will give you a sneak preview when they are finished.

Catch you later  :)

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  1. Hi Teresa,

    I awarded you the Liebster Award today on my blog. Come to my blog to check out the details. :)