Monday, May 13, 2013

We have A Winner And Bulletin Board Pictures!

   If you entered the big Teacher Appreciation Blog Hop we have our winners!

And here they are!!

 Congratulations Linda K.!

Congrats Emma!

Congrats Kayrn W.!
 Wow, I am so excited for all of you, there are some great prizes!! Enjoy!

Summer is upon us and time for some fun in the sun! Believe it or not some teachers (like myself) are already thinking about the beginning of school next year. I wanted to share a picture of one of the bulletin boards I used to welcome my new class. My grade level had a movie theme, and as you know I am the pig lady, so I had to find some way to incorporate movies with a pig. Now I could have used actual movies like Charlotte's Web, or Babe, Pig in the City, but I wanted something a little more unusual. I came up with the idea of using a pig for each student and the pig is walking the Red Carpet. Here are a few of the pics. Instead of Welcome to Hollywood, I called it Welcome to Hoggywood!


 More classroom pictures coming later!

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