Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where Is Spring and a Hoggy Easter!!

 We have had snow flurries all day today here in North Georgia!!

Where is spring?!!

It shows up for a few days, and then it leaves again!!

Oh well, you know how Mother Nature is!!

Easter is just around the corner, hope everyone is getting ready to dye eggs, and greet the Easter Bunny!

I have been sharing some pictures of  my classroom. I found a few more to share with you today.

This is a picture of my Focus Wall. 
The Focus Wall has the  standards that I am teaching for the day or week. Not only does it keep me focused on what we are learning, but it also helps students remember what we are working on.

 This is a picture of my fiction listening station, on the other side of the filing cabinet there is a non-fiction reading station. I always try to choose non-fiction books that have to do with what Science or Social Studies we are learning at the time.

This was my computer station in first grade. I loved it because it was kinda hidden away and not  taking up so much space in my classroom.

Well I will have more pics next time!!



  1. Oh my gosh - our weather has been all over the place! Two weeks ago, it was 80 degrees and last Sunday, we had snow! Just crazy! Glad to know we aren't the only ones.
    Like your Focus Wall - do you leave it up for the while week?

    1. Sara, I do leave it up all week. We usually focus on one standard a week in each subject area, I just have to remember to change it on Friday! LOL