Sunday, March 11, 2012

New TPT Unit--Famous Faces in Georgia History

Hi! Haven't been here in a couple of days. I have been busy creating a new TpT unit that has just been posted. If you don't teach in Georgia, you may not be interested, but then again maybe you will. The name of the unit is Famous Faces in Georgia and has lots of different activities about Martin Luther King, Jr., Sequoyah, James Oglethorpe, Jimmy Carter and others.  Go to my TpT store and check it out!

Sorry it is so small, I can't seem to figure out what I have done wrong, but if you go to my TpT store you can see it just fine!!

Now onto other things! I have a funny! One of my students(who is a sweetie)was being pestered by one of his fellow classmates on the way back from lunch on Friday. He proceeded to turn around and warn him that he was getting on his last nerve!! Not only was this priceless, but he kept waving his hands to really bring the point home!!Look at the awesome pictures of the broom standing up without any help!!

The things teachers do for entertainment!! HaHa!!  A colleague stood her broom up in her classroom and it stood there all day long!!   Now I want to share some signs of spring.

These trees are all blooming in front of our school building! Aren't they BEAUTIFUL!! 

Hope you didn't forget to spring forward your clock last night. I did spring my clock forward, but my body is still on the old time!!


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