Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Classroom Pics and A Freebie!!

 I hope that most of you are getting ready for a nice long weekend and have fun plans for the Labor Day weekend!!  I hope it doesn't rain!

I want to show you what I made from the tissue orbs that I found at the Walmart. 
I made a pig!!
I think it is adorable!!

For the last several years(can't even remember how many) my room has had a pig theme.

Here are a few more pics of pigs in my room!

Now for something completely different!!

I have posted a new item in my TpT store. It is Get George To The Washington Monument.
It is a board game and an activity card game! It can be used as either one!
If you study George Washington this is a fun game for review or assessment. It also comes with 2 worksheets, 1 of which I am offering here as a freebie!! There is a fact and opinion page about Washington and the freebie is a George Washington reading for detail worksheet.

Here is your freebie!

Hope you enjoy and have an awesome Labor Day!



  1. I love all the pigs in your room! Too cute!!


  2. Loving the tissue pig you made... so darn cute!

    Seconds at the Beach