Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poetry and my Birthday!!

National Poetry Month and my birthday,
All at the same time,
Has really inspired me,
To write a little rhyme.

In honor of both these things,
Go to my store at TpT,
There you will find a new unit,
Called "Fun With Poetry"

It wll be on sale,
Til my birthday is through,
It will be lots of fun,
And is an end of year review!!

On sale in honor of Poetry Month and my birthday, which is tomorrow!
Go here and check it out. On sale for $1.50 until 7:a.m. Friday, April 27th.  Hope you like it!



  1. Happy b-day yesterday. I hope it was fun. I too love poetry, I will be checking this out.

    Thanks, Jill

  2. Happy Birthday! Also, thank you for following my blog "Right Down the Middle." Your blog is so cute! My sister teaches 2nd grade, so I am going to send her to your store asap! Thanks again!